The following is a guide on how to get 1-99 Woodcutting with both the fastest method and the money making method.


Level Image Axe Name
1 Bronze Axe
1 Iron Axe
6 Steel Axe
6 Black Axe
21 Mithril Axe
31 Adamant Axe
41 Rune Axe
61 Dragon Axe


Levels 1-15: Normal Trees

The most popular location to chop Regular Trees are between Lumbridge and Draynor Village because it contains hundreds of these trees and is only a short walk from a bank.

Levels 15-30: Oak Trees

The two most popular locations to chop Oak Trees are either just East of Draynor Village or South-West of Varrock West Bank as both of these locations are very close to banks.

Levels 30-60 or 30-99: Willow Trees

Willow Trees are extremely easy to chop and therefor are very fast experience. If you don't care about making money, do willow trees from levels 30-99, but if you want to make money on your way to 99, do Willow Trees from levels 30-60.

There are many areas to chop Willow Trees, but the most popular are in Draynor Village, outside of Barbarian Outpost, or Seers' Village.

(Optional) Levels 35-99: Teak Trees

If you're looking for the fastest Woodcutting experience, Teak Trees are the best as they are proven to be up to 70K experience per hour.

The best area to chop Teak Trees is in Tai Bwo Wannai. However, it costs 100 trading sticks to enter. The downside to this location is that to bank, players must leave the area and send the logs by Rionasta which costs 10 trading sticks per item that you send. If you don't wish to bank the logs, simply drop them.

Other locations include South-West of Castle Wars and Ape Atoll (a greegree is needed).

Levels 60-75: Maple Trees

It's suggested to start woodcutting Maple Trees at level 60 to maximize experience. At this point, this is where the money making part of Woodcutting begins.

The most popular location to chop Maple Trees is North of Seers' Village (just above the bank).

Levels 75-85: Yew Trees

At level 75, players are able to chop Yew Trees at a decent rate. Chopping Yew Trees isn't the fastest experience, however, it is great money.

Tree Gnome Stronghold, West of Catherby, the entrance to Edgeville Dungeon, and behind Varrock Palace are the most popular areas to chop Yew Trees.

Levels 85-99: Magic Trees

Once level 85 is reached, Magic Trees become much easier to chop. Again, these trees are not the best experience, however, they are a great source of money making.

The best areas to chop Magic Trees are at the Mage Training Arena, and the Sorcerer's Tower. It is suggested to use the Sorcerer's Tower since it has a total of 4 Magic Trees and is fairly close to the bank (Seer's Village).

Have fun Woodcutting!

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