The following is a guide on how to get 99 Prayer by balancing cost and experience. Prayer is used in many situations, namely combat, by using different powers to help aid you, make you stronger, or protect you.

Prayer Experience Quests


There are multiple ways to train Prayer, however, the fastest and most efficient is by using your bones on guilded altars. This is done through the Construction skill by building an altar. When using bones on the altar, the experience you recieve will get an additional 100% to 350% increase per bone depending on the altar type.

Luckily for this method, you're able to use someone else's altar in their house meaning anyone can use this method. Simply find a clan that is offering a guilded altar and you're good to go. The unofficial world for guilded altar running is World 330. There you'll be able to find people walking back and forth from bank to guilded altar. Just ask one of them what clan they're in and join that clan.

Note: When using your bones on the guilded altar, make sure that both burners are lit. These burners are located on either side of the altar. They are lit by the altar owner by using a clean marrentill and a tinderbox on each burner. If only one burner is lit, you won't maximize your experience per bone you use on the altar, so make sure both burners are lit while training.

This method takes place in Yanille and is done by running from the bank to the player's house just West of the bank. Once at the house portal, you're given the option to join a friend's house where you would type in the guilded altar owner's name. Once at the player's guilded altar, simply use your bones on it and you'll gain the experience.

Different types of bones will give you different amounts of experience which is laid out below.

Icon Type Experience on Guilded Altar
Normal Bones 15.75
Big Bones 52.5
Babydragon Bones 105
Dragon Bones 252
Ourg Bones 490

The most common way of achieving level 99 Prayer is by using Dragon Bones on the guilded altar. This method is very costly but is the best balance between experience and cost.

Have fun training Prayer!

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