The following is a guide on how to get 1-99 Fletching in both the fastest way as well as the most profitable way.


  • The most popular locations to fletch are Seers' Village, Varrock West Bank, and Lumbridge. It is recommended to fletch in Seers' Village because that is where most Fletching supplies are bought and sold.
  • Fletching an inventory of unstrung bows takes 50 seconds per inventory while stringing an inventory of 14 bows takes 15 seconds.

Fletching Experience Quests

  • Big Chompy Bird Hunting - 262 exp
  • Animal Magnetism - 1,000 exp
  • Zogre Flesh Eaters - 2,000 exp
  • The Fremennik Trials - 2,813 exp
  • Devious Minds - 5,000 exp
  • Temple of Ikov - 8,000 exp


Levels 1-10: Arrow Shafts

+ =

Logs Needed: 231
Experience Needed: 1,154
Experience Per Log: 5

Levels 10-20: Longbows (u)

+ =

Logs Needed: 332
Experience Needed: 3,316
Experience Per Log: 10

Levels 20-25: Oak Shortbows (u)

+ =

Oak Logs Needed: 205
Experience Needed: 3,372
Experience Per Log: 16.5

Levels 25-35: Oak Longbows (u)

+ =

Oak Logs Needed: 583
Experience Needed: 14,564
Experience Per Log: 25

Levels 35-40: Willow Shortbows (u)

+ =

Willow Logs Needed: 445
Experience Needed: 14,818
Experience Per Log: 33.3

Levels 40-50: Willow Longbows (u)

+ =

Willow Logs Needed: 1545
Experience Needed: 64,109
Experience Per Log: 41.5

Levels 50-55: Maple Shortbows (u)

+ =

Maple Logs Needed: 1307
Experience Needed: 65,303
Experience Per Log: 50

Levels 55-65/70: Maple Longbows

+ = + =

Maple Logs Needed: 4902
Bow String Needed: 4902
Experience Needed: 282,792 (for 65 Fletching), 570,991 (for 70 Fletching)
Experience Per Bow Made: 116.6

It is suggested to fletch Maple Longbows from levels 55-70 as it is quick and profitable.

The experience rate while cutting the maple longbows (u) and stringing them average to around 100K experience per hour.

Levels 65-70: Yew Shortbows (u)

+ =

Yew Logs Needed: 154
Experience Needed: 288,199
Experience Per Log: 67.5

This method is quicker to level 70 than fletching Maple Longbows, however, you will lose money.

Levels 70-85/99: Yew Longbows

+ = + =

Yew Logs Needed: 16,807
Bow String Needed: 16,807
Experience Needed: 2,520,967 (for 85 Fletching), 12,296,804 (for 99 Fletching)
Experience Per Bow Made: 150

Fletching Yew Longbows actually makes you profit, and quite good profit at that. Additionally, the experience rate is fast.

If you want to make the most money out of fletching, make Yew Longbows until level 99.

The experience rate while cutting the yew longbows (u) and stringing them average to around 145K experience per hour.

Levels 85-99: Magic Longbows

+ = + =

Magic Logs Needed: 53,420
Bow String Needed: 53,420
Experience Needed: 9,775,837
Experience Per Bow Made: 180

This method is quicker, however, it will not make you as much money as fletching Yew Longbows.

The experience rate while cutting the magic longbows (u) and stringing them average to around 175K experience per hour.

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