Nature running is one of the most popular ways to make money because it has no requirements and has good profits.

Nature running can make you anywhere between 150K and 200K GP per hour depending on the prices of nature runes and how fast you are.

Finding a Nature Running Clan

The first thing you want to do is find a Nature running clan. You can do this by either finding a clan on this forum or the official RuneScape forum.

To maximize profit, it is best to find a clan that gives you the most Nature Runes and has the least amount of people.

The average clan will say "25:25" meaning that they'll give you 25 Nature Runes for 25 Pure Essence, but some clans will go as high as "40:25" meaning you get 40 Nature Runes in return for 25 Pure Essence. However, these clans are usually packed with people.

Inventory & Equipment

Once you've found a Nature running clan, you need to set up your inventory.

You will need the following:

  • 25 Pure Essence
  • A few thousand GP (5K recommended)
  • Antipoison (if you don't have it in your bank, you can get it later on in the guide)

In terms of equipment, you generally want to wear items that will reduce your weight:

  • Boots of Lightness (-4.5kg)
  • Penance Gloves (-4.5kg)
  • Spotted Cape (-2kg)
  • Spottier Cape (-4.5kg)

Getting There

Nature running is located on Karamja. You can get to Karamja using different methods, but the suggested route is either chartering a ship from surrounding ports or paying 30 GP in Port Sarim and taking the boat to Musa Point.

Once at Karamja, make your way to the General Store located at the top left of the following image.

The General Store

The General Store is the vital part of Nature running.

If you didn't have an Antipoison at the beginning of the guide, you can buy an Antipoison from the General Store.

It is highly suggested to always carry Antipoison as there are monsters on the island that, when they attack, will poison you.

Running Natures

Starting at the General store, follow the route highlighted in red in the map above. This is the shortest route from the General Store to the Nature Altar, however, it is also the most dangerous which is why the Antipoison is suggested.

Once you have made your way to the Nature Altar, the "host" of the clan (the runecrafter) will be located just outside of the Altar.

Trade the host and offer your 25 Pure Essence. The host will in return give you 25 Nature Runes as well as 25 Noted Pure Essence.

Once you have the 25 Nature Runes and 25 Noted Pure Essence, make your way back to the General Store.

Once at the General Store, trade the shopkeeper. Sell the Noted Pure Essence to her and buy it back as Unnoted Pure Essence.

After this, it's just rinse and repeat.

The Dangers of Nature Running

There are a few things you need to know when running Nature Runes.

As stated before, it is important to always have Antipoison on you. When walking through the village of Tai Bwo Wannai, there might be other players trying to get you killed by "Hacking" the bushes or luring the Tribesman.

By hacking the bushes, there is a chance a poisonous snake will come out. The "Hacker" (the person trying to get you killed) will do this with the hopes that you will get poisoned by either the snake or the Tribesman.

Whenever you get attacked by any monster, check your chat screen to see if it says "You've been poisoned". If it does, take a dose of your Antipoison.

Another problem with Nature Running is that there might be other players who will try to "snipe" your Pure Essence when you sell and try to buy it back at the General Store. These players purposefully try to buy your Pure Essence before you can. If you can, trade the shopkeeper when there are no other players around.

That's it! Have fun making GP!

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