Law Running is very much like Nature Running in the sense that you are essentially doing the same thing.

Law Running is not as profitable as Nature Running because the distance from the bank to the altar is much greater, however, it is less dangerous.

Finding a Law Running Clan

The first thing you want to do is find a Law running clan. You can do this by either finding a clan on this forum or the official RuneScape forum.

To maximize profit, it is best to find a clan that gives you the most Law Runes and has the least amount of people.

The average clan will say "27:27" meaning that they'll give you 27 Law Runes for 27 Pure Essence.

Inventory & Equipment

Once you've found a Law running clan, you need to set up your inventory.

You will need the following:

  • 27 Pure Essence (or however many the clan requires)

In terms of equipment, you generally want to wear items that will reduce your weight:

  • Boots of Lightness (-4.5kg)
  • Penance Gloves (-4.5kg)
  • Spotted Cape (-2kg)
  • Spottier Cape (-4.5kg)

If you do not have any items that reduce your weight, do not bring any equipment at all! Law running requires you to travel to Entrana which only allows some items to be brought on the ship.

Running Laws

Law running follows a very simple route. Starting in Draynor Bank, walk to Port Sarim where the ship to Entrana is located. Take the boat to Entrana by right clicking one of the monks and selecting the "Take-boat" option.

Once on Entrana, follow the red path below to get to the Law altar.

Once at the Law Altar, trade one of the runecrafters in the red robes.

Offer your 27 Pure Essence and the runecrafter will give you back 27 Law Runes and 27 Noted Pure Essence.

Once the trade is over, run back the way you came, take the boat back to Port Sarim and run to the Draynor Bank. Rinse and repeat.

Law running can get you up to 100K GP/H depending on how fast you are and how many players are in the clan.

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