Karambwan Money Making Guide

Karambwan are fish which you can eat between hits, without losing an attack. Therefore they are very popular for pking and have a high price.

This method can give up to 725k gp and 58k cooking experience an hour at level 67 cooking.


To use this method you need to atleast have this quest completed:

  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio (15 agility, 30 cooking, Jungle Potion and Druidic Ritual)


To use this method effectively I recommend to have the following as well:

  • 50+ Cooking - To burn less fish(All calculations are done at 66 cooking)
  • 40 Construction & 40 Magic - Fastest banking
  • Family crest and cooking gauntlets - I assume these make you burn less food, haven't tested it though
  • Your house in brimhaven

Recommended items

To follow this guide you will need the following items:

  • Earth or air staff
  • Some gp
  • Law runes
  • Air or earth runes
  • Rings of dueling
  • Cooking gauntlets


After completing Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Tiadeche has opened a store in which he sells raw Karambwan for 110-150 each. When cooked these fish sell for 2300-2500 each. He has a stock of 10 fish, but it regenerates extremely fast, in about the same time as it takes to change worlds. Therefore it is recommended to stay in one world and wait for them to regenerate.

There is almost no market for raw karambwans, so you'll have to cook them, but some people mess up during Tai Bwo Wannai Trio and do need one to complete the quest. They are then often willing to pay a high price for it.


Buying the Fish

  1. Teleport to your house.
  2. Run south to Tiadeche:
  3. Open the door and trade Tiadeche.
  4. Buy all karambwan wait for them to respawn and buy them again untill you have a full inventory.
  5. Teleport to castle wars, bank, and repeat.


The best place to cook is at the Rogues Den in Burthope. Don't forget your cooking gauntlets.


You can get 460 fish an hour. At level 65 I burned 1/3 leaving me with 305 fish. They sell for either 2200 to 2500 each.

Alternative Method

If you manage to buy/get some trading sticks, you can use them to bank your fish. Right click the man north of the west house with the quest icon and select 'send parcel'. He'll charge you 10 trading sicks per fish.

This method is faster for banking, but it also costs more. If you buy the trading sticks at 60-65 each you will get the same profit. If you buy for less you will get faster money, and if you buy for more it will cost you more.

Currently trading sticks are sold for 70-100 gp and are therefore NOT worth it.


  • Higher population worlds do NOT make the fish respawn faster
  • World hopping is slightly faster, for me 52 seconds, but it also depends on your internet speed, so it might be faster for you. Letting the fish respawn takes 55 seconds.
  • Prices may change.
  • Profits and xp depend on your cooking level as you wil burn less at higher levels.
  • I didn't test if cooking gauntlets work or not for karambwans.
  • The burn rate was tested on 150 karambwans, and therefore might not be accurate.


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