The scythe was the first rare item introduced into Old School RuneScape. They are cosmetic items which can be found all over RuneScape from June 3, 2013 until June 10, 2013. After the initial event, you will be able to get the scythe later in one of the holiday events. Scythes are untradable items.

Basic Information

The following is a list of necessary information you'll need to know about the scythes and how they're spawned:

  • One scythe is spawned in a random location per world. Once that scythe is picked up, it will spawn in another one of its locations. This means that in each world, there is always one scythe spawned in a random location.
  • There are 100 locations the scythe can spawn in (listed below).
  • Scythes do not show up as red dots on the minimap.
  • Scythes can also spawn in the Wilderness.

Share a Scythe Location

Found a scythe but don't want it? Go to our forum thread here and post the scythe's location so that another player can pick it up!

Since you cannot have more than one scythe per account, there are many players out there who still want to get a scythe. If you already own a scythe or simply don't want it, please post the location of it in the thread above so that other players can get it.

Known Spawn Locations

Below is a list of known scythe spawn locations:

  • Varrock Area
    • Varrock Castle (near caged Zamorak monk)
    • Varrock Castle (near bear cage behind castle)
    • Varrock Museum (near staircases)
    • Sawmill (near fence)
    • Gate separating Varrock and Morytania
  • Edgeville Area
    • East of the Body Altar
    • Inside Edgeville Bank
    • Outside of the Edgeville general store
    • Inside the house North of the Edgeville bank (both floors)
  • Lumbridge Area
    • South-West of Lumbridge swamp (East of the monk)
    • Lumbridge center (near Doomsayer)
  • Al-Kharid Area
    • Scimitar shop (upstairs)
  • Falador Area
    • Hair dresser (2nd floor)
    • Falador pub (upstairs)
    • Falador square (center)
    • Shield shop (2nd floor)
    • Furnace (2nd floor)
    • Falador garden (near bridge and Wyson's house)
    • 3-story house in East Falador (top floor)
    • Outside of Falador East bank (North of it)
    • House North of the well in East Falador (upstairs)
    • Mining Guild entrance (near ladders)
    • Mining Guild (inside, various spawns)
    • Dwarven Mine (near Mining Guild door entrance)
    • Outside of the farm South of Falador (in the center)
    • Farming patches South of Falador (above the farm mentioned above)
    • Next to Miazrqa East of the Goblin Village
  • Rimmington Area
    • Melzar's Maze (next to Melzar)
    • House East of the Rimmington fountain (upstairs)
    • In front of the general store and house portal
    • Rimmington mine (various spawns)
    • Crafting Guild (in the mine and upstairs)
  • Draynor Village Area
    • Draynor Manor (in Ava's room and the room East of her)
    • Wizards' Tower (basement)
  • Wilderness
    • Level 5 at the Abyss Zamorak Mage (North of Edgeville)
    • Level 6 near zizards (above Falador)
    • Level 7 (near scorpions)
    • Level 7 Edgeville Dungeon (near earth warriors)
    • Level 14 (near statue)
    • Level 28 Boneyard (North of Varrock)
    • Level 30 hobgoblin mine
    • Level 36 (near obelisk)
    • Level 54 scorpion pit (West of castle near chaos elemental)
    • Level 55 entrance to castle near chaos elemental
    • Dark Warriors' Fortress (center)
    • Bandit Camp
    • Ladder entrance to King Black Dragon
    • Lava Maze (inside)
    • Near green dragons
    • Air obelisk
    • Axe hut (West of scorpion pit)
    • Mage Arena (inside)
  • Yanille Area
    • Magic Guild (all floors)
    • House South-East of Magic Guild
    • Yanille Dungeon (near skeletons)
    • Yanille Dungeon (past monkey bars, requires 82 Thieving or 57 Agility)
    • Hazelmere's house (upstairs)
    • Fight Arena (inside)
    • Island West of Yanille (near ogres)
  • Ardougne Area
    • Church (all floors)
    • Ardougne Zoo (in unicorn cage)
    • Family Crest dungeon (near hellhounds)
    • Legends' Guild (top floor, west side)
    • Outside of the Legends' Guild door (near fountain)
  • Fremmenik Area
    • Rellekka (in front of longhall)
    • Waterbirth Island (near Askeladden)
    • Lunar Isle (North-East near dungeon and Suqah)
    • In front of the lighthouse (North of Barbarian Assault)
  • Camelot Area
    • Water obelisk (North of ladder)
    • Ranging Guild
  • Burthorpe Area
    • Games room (also on the top floor)
  • Tirannwn Area
    • Lletya (near altar)
    • Outside of the entrance to Lletya (near dire wolves)
    • North-East Tirannwn (at red spiders, near limestone mine)
    • Elf Camp (near tent)
  • Kharidian Desert Area
    • Mage Training Arena (bottom floor)
    • Bandit Camp (South-East of general store)
    • Shantay Pass (near magic carpet)
    • Kalphite Queen room
    • Desert Treasure pyramid (top)
    • East of the granite Quarry
    • Nardah (center, near Ali)
  • Karamja and Ape Atoll Area
    • Crash Island (near Lumdo)
    • Shilo Village (near the undead by the entrance)
    • Tai Bwo Wannai (around the fence)
  • Morytania Area
    • Slayer Tower (near bloodvelds and nechryaels)
    • Haunted Woods (near fairy ring: ALQ)
    • Haunted Woods (near vampires)
    • Ectofuntus (upstairs)
    • Canifis (various spawns near buildings)
    • Mort'ton (West of boat)
    • Dragontooth Isle (near the ghost captain)
    • Burgh de Rott (near mine carts around the Haunted Mine)
    • Nature Grotto (near green bowl)
  • Other Areas
    • Rune Essence Mine (near center)
    • Zanaris marketplace
    • Feldip Hills (near fairy ring: AKS)
    • Void Outpost (near rune shop)
    • Trollheim herb patch
    • Near Piscatoris bank
    • Tree Gnome Village (West of spirit tree)
    • Fire obelisk
    • Small islands North-East of Moss Le'Harmless (near black staircase)

More locations will be added as time goes on. If you found a location that isn't listed, please post it here.

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