Rare items were first introduced into Old School RuneScape on June 3, 2013 with the first rare item being the Scythe. New rare items are dropped every week and each event lasts only a week. After the event, you can get the rare items again during their respective holiday events.

Rare Item Events

The following shows a table of the current and past rare item events.

Time Image Item Name Event Date
Current Santa Hat August 5, 2013 - TBA
Current Wintumber Tree August 5, 2013 - TBA
Past Easter Rings & Marionette Sets July 28, 2013 - August 4, 2013
Past Easter Eggs July 21, 2013 - July 28, 2013
Past Bunny Ears July 14, 2013 - July 21, 2013
Past Reindeer Hats July 14, 2013 - July 21, 2013
Past Partyhats July 4, 2013 - July 14, 2013
Past Yo-yo July 1, 2013 - July 8, 2013
Past Skeleton Costume & Jack Lantern Mask June 24, 2013 - July 1, 2013
Past Halloween Masks June 17, 2013 - July 24, 2013
Past Pumpkins June 10, 2013 - July 17, 2013
Past Scythe June 3, 2013 - July 10, 2013

Basic Information and Tips

The following is a list of necessary information you'll need to know about rare items and how they're spawned:

  • Only one rare item is spawned in a random location per world. Once that rare item is picked up, it will spawn in another one of its locations. This means that in each world, there is always one rare item spawned in a random location.
  • There are 100 locations the rare items can spawn in (listed below).
  • Rare items do not show up as red dots on the minimap.
  • Rare items can also spawn in the Wilderness.
  • The best way of rare hunting is by sticking to a single location and hoping worlds until you find the rare item. It is suggested to go to a location that has multiple rare item spawns (listed below) to increase your chances of finding one.

Share a Rare Item Location

Found a rare item and want to give it away to another player? Go to our forum thread here and post the location of the rare so that another player can pick it up! If you're looking for one, visit the link above and post your in-game name there.

Known Spawn Locations
Last updated August 5, 2013 at 2:49 PM EST

All of our locations are 100% confirmed either by a Jagex moderator or by screenshot proof. If you found a new location, please take a screenshot of it and post it here.

Below is a list of new known rare item spawn locations:

  • Lumbridge Area:
    • Near the cows North-East of Lumbridge castle
    • Lumbridge castle bank
    • Lumbridge swamp caves (near giant frogs)
  • Draynor Village Area:
    • Wise Old Man's house (upstairs)
    • Just South of the willow trees
  • Al-Kharid Area:
    • Inside the Fire Altar
    • Al-Kharid mine
  • Seers' Village Area:
    • Near coal trucks
    • Sorcerer's Tower (ground floor)
    • Upstairs in spinning wheel room
  • Ardougne Area:
    • Center of Ardougne
    • Ardougne castle (upstairs)
    • West Ardougne (where the mourners sleep)
    • Near the master farmer (North of East Ardougne)
    • Basement of Legends' guild (near Shadow Warriors)
    • Near the Homunculus in the Tower of Life
    • Fishing Guild (outside Fishing shop)
  • Tree Gnome Stronghold Area:
    • Grand Tree in Tree Gnome Stronghold (second floor, near ladder)
    • In the trees above the gnome agility arena
    • Grand Tree mining area
    • Under the Tree Gnome Stronghold bank
  • Mort'ton Area:
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