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79 inches79 inches is offline
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The homepage looks amazing, Great work Vault!

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DarrelDarrel is offline
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I'm glad the new homepage is out. I have been waiting ages
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BobBob is offline
RSN: Kerreh
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Great job Vault, it looks great.
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AmzenAmzen is offline
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Woah. 2007hq now looks sick! Love it .
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VaultVault is offline
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RSN: Vault
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Originally Posted by Volkair View Post
Will guides look the same on the home page as they do on the forum? Because like different colour text and stuff looks different on black then the home page colour.

(ik it's a stupid question.)
Originally Posted by Roxas Viper View Post
Not really I want to know too.

Do you prefer we don't use colors in our guides, or will colors keep us from getting our guides on the home page?
Unless there's a part in your guide that MUST have color to represent something within the guide, we'd prefer it if the guides had no colour.

However, all of the guides that I approve will be edited by myself so that it actually looks good on the home pages.

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SkillumSkillum is offline
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Nice work on the homepage, has given me some motivation to write some more guides .

'Skillum' is my retired main account.
Prayer Pure Skiller Progress:
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VolkairVolkair is offline
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Yeah , i saw how my cooking guide looked, now i understand.

The guides look awesome.
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Captain NemoCaptain Nemo is offline
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I'd like to have my Romeo and Juliet guide up there because it's my longest and I think it looks best out of sll my work. This also looks like fun and as soon as my comps fixed I'd love to write guides for the home page. Here's a link to my R&J guide pending approval.
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Nice what you guys are doing overall i might try to help write some guides that have helped me in runescape

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The Kop EndThe Kop End is offline
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I'm in the process of writing a TzHaar Fight caves guide. It should be completely done tomorrow. You can check out its current progress in the minigames section!
Last edited by The Kop End; 01-17-2014 at 07:42 PM. Reason: Spelling error
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