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Default 500k+ an hour! Blast furnace

Buying ores from the blast furnace is an unknown but fast mehtod to make money.

With buying ores from the blast furnace you can make atleast 500k per hour.


  • Started The Giant Dwarf quest
  • Starting money


The best weight reducing gear you can get
(super) Energy potions
60 Smithing


The blast furnace is located in Keldagrim. The fastest way to get there is by joining the minigame grouping channel and teleporting there.


Once you are in the blast furnace clear your inventory, and withdraw some cash. Trade Ordan and buy a full inventory of ore. Bank the ores at the bank chest, which is at the south wall.

The store has 100 of each ore in stock and they sell for the prices in shown in the table below:
OreStore price
Mithril 243-729

Which ores you need to buy depend on the current prices, but at the time I wrote this guide it was best to do the following:
1. Buy all gold until it costs 402 or more
2 Buy all copper
4. Buy all tin
5. Change your world

The shop recharges by a dwarf bringing ore. Coal recharges the slowest, but the others recharge decently fast.

Profits (11-1-2014)

OreMarket priceStore priceProfit
Silver250112-337128- -127
Coal19067-202123- -2
Gold ore500225-675275- -175
Mithril400243-729157- -329

It takes me 2.5-4 minutes to buy 300 ore and change my world, giving me about 35k profit, which means that I'm getting atleast 525k coins an hour.
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Does anyone have any recommendations for images to add?

And can someone without 60 smithing check how this works? I believe you have to pay money to enter, and that you get kicked out every 10 minutes, but I'm not sure.
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It doesn't work like that, blast furnace is a minigame that you pay a NPC to be able to use the furnace for some time, after 60 smithing I believe it becomes free to use, I don't really know if buying ores would actually be done with 60 smithing, but doing steel bars in this minigame, assuming you are in a Blast Furnace cc for insta bars is an awesome moneymaking or exp, for money you have to do steel bars that is currently 1,4m profit if I'm not mistaken, and for exp just gold bars with goldsmith gauntlets, it's seems is the best exp/hr actually for smithing.
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