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RSN: Alariao
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What's up guys! Chris here, my ingame name is Chris Chan. I live in the UK and currently in university.

My style ingame is that I am a self-resource person. I collect my own things. If I wanna firemake, I will cut my own woods, if I wanna fletch, I will spin my own bowstrings and cut my own woods. If I wanna cook, I will fish my own fish. You catch my drift?

The only things I won't gather are armours/weapons and perhaps runes.

Yes this would take time but that's the fun of it, eh?

(You probably won't see me on the "buying" section, unless it's like REALLY important.)

Anyway, feel free to add me.
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RSN: Keijo
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Location: finland
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welcome chris

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not much thx

sea shanty
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buying, fun, game, runes, time

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