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Default Cooking With Aetius

This will be a thread of whatever I cook. I'll tell you how I did it (don't expect any measurements, I eyeball a lot of it) and maybe a picture or two.

Spicy teriyaki beef over rice

Let your ribeye steak sit in the fridge overnight or the previous day, patted dry and covered in salt.

Boil twice as much water for how much rice you want, then stir in the rice. Bring to a simmer for 20 mins, remove from heat and let rest 5 mins and fluff with a fork
Pour enough oil to cover the bottom of a saucepan and heat it until smoking, then eyeball enough teriyaki sauce and soy sauce. Wait for it to bubble, reduce heat to just above medium before adding the steak.

For the steak, trim the fat off and cube everything, separating the two. When the oil smokes, add your cubed fat and diced onions and let it render down for 30 sec before adding your cubed beef. Now would be a good time to add red pepper flakes if you don't have any chilies or hot peppers

Cook until it's done, use a grated spatula to get the beef and onions out and into a bowl for later.

Turn the heat down and add water (your sauces too but only if you need it), however much for how much you made. Slowly introduce flour and whisk it in until it's thick enough. You can add water if you need it whatever spices you want to make it hotter. Cumin is good

Turn up the heat enough for it to slowly bubble and stir it around with your spatula to prevent it from burning, and take it off the heat when it's the right thickness. It should be a little thicker than grocery store gravy without staying on the spoon for too long when you pour it off

Serve with rice packed into the bowl with a little dip in the middle, add beef on top and however much sauce you want


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Garlic Rosemary Chicken


Cook your potatoes first. Cut them so that they're smaller than the ones in the picture but you don't have to if you prefer larger potatoes. Cover with cold water, bring to a boil and let it go for at least eight minutes. Ten would be ideal in my opinion, bearing in mind that you're going to finish their cooking in the pan.

This one was good but it wasn't quite what I wanted. You'll need a clove of garlic (more or less depending on taste, I love garlic), minced. That was my first issue; grating didn't work (it might work if the clove was frozen, give it a shot on your own) so I had to make do with slicing. I didn't want to mince it because all of the flavor would've run out onto the cutting board in the form of its juices; I'd need sharper knives but I'm working with what I have available. A hand mincer would've been ideal - just put the clove in, press down, and scrape off.

With the garlic minced, you will need at least one tablespoon of rosemary - again, this is to taste. One and a half was more than enough for me to taste a hint of herbs while eating (and the smell during cooking was amazing). You can mince it if you want, but I preferred to have the leaves more intact.

You'll want some smoked paprika for that red color and hint of kick, though I didn't use much - just a bit of an eyeball. It wasn't more than a tablespoon.

The same goes with salt and pepper; you don't want to use too much but you do need a little.

Transform this group of solids into a liquid by adding olive oil; you'll want just enough to be able to cover all your chicken breasts in a plastic bag. Make sure that it's mixed well and let it marinate, preferably overnight. If you're smart, you'll make a little more for your potatoes. I was not smart but it was fine. Additionally, now would be a good time to use lemon if that's what you like. Squeeze a whole lemon and grate off the lemon zest before adding the oil; you'll need less oil this way.

When you're ready to cook, I would highly recommend that you put butter in the cold pan and add the chicken once the pan heats and the butter has melted. I didn't use any butter and I felt like the chicken was missing something; it tasted great with herbs and a very faint garlicky taste (mince them - please) but it wasn't complete in my opinion. I think butter would've taken it to the next level. Always use butter with meat.

Cook for five minutes on medium/medium-high covered on each side. If it isn't cooked through in the middle, turn down the heat and leave covered. You don't want to burn one side and you don't want medium-rare chicken. Add more oil as needed.

Once the chicken is done, you will immediately thrown in the potatoes and cook covered until done. If you have more of that seasoning/marinade then now is the time to use it. Add more oil even if you don't think you'll need it; you don't want to scrape potatoes off the bottom of your pan.

In my opinion, this dish is great but it definitely needs more love on my end. Green beans would be good, and you wouldn't go wrong with peas and mashed potatoes.

In general, when using a pan, cleanup is always going to be a pain if you leave it for later. While the pan is hot and the heat is still on, pour in enough water to cover the bottom of the pan. Scrape the bottom with a spatula; you won't need to do much to get it all off. Pour the last of it in the sink or in the trash can. Give the pan a bit of a scrub and you'll be good to go.

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Thanks man. I am about to move to the North, so this recipes will be come very handy
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