Christmas 2019
December 11, 2019
Angry children have gathered in Varrock and it seems like they’re protesting against something. What on Gielinor is going on?
Old School Connectivity Issues
December 9, 2019
We're aware of the ongoing connectivity issues affecting Old School RuneScape, and we'll communicate any news by updating this article.
Game Improvements and Nightmare Beta Changes
December 5, 2019
This week sees the release of some content from Poll #69, Boss HiScores, and changes to the Nightmare of Ashihama Rewards Beta.
Ashihama Rewards Beta and Sire Changes
November 28, 2019
This week sees the release of a rewards beta for the upcoming Nightmare of Ashihama boss as well as Abyssal Sire improvements.
The Nightmare of Ashihama Poll Blog
November 26, 2019
Following the RuneFest Reveals, we now present an in-depth blog on The Nightmare of Ashihama.
Twisted League Stats and Changes
November 21, 2019
This week sees changes to the Twisted League and Bounty Hunter
Game Improvements Poll Blog
November 15, 2019
Read about the proposed upcoming changes to be polled here!
The Twisted League
November 14, 2019
This week sees the arrival of the first ever Old School RuneScape League!
Bounty Hunter Rework: Day 1 Feedback
November 8, 2019
This blog will discuss the feedback we received from the BHV2 Rework and lay out our action plans for it.
Another Message About Unofficial Clients
November 8, 2019
In this blog post we talk more about unofficial third party clients and the game's stance on specific features.
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