Deadman Finale Changes
December 9, 2016
Read about the changes to the Winter 2016 Deadman Invitational Finale!
Load Test, Tournament World & QOL
December 8, 2016
Test out the new Raiding Party Finder system, and engage in some relentless PvP!
Ballista Rework & QOL
December 1, 2016
This week sees a rework to both the Light & Heavy Ballistas, as well as a whole load of polled QOL changes make their way into game.
December - The Month Ahead
December 1, 2016
Christmas, the Deadman Finale, and a glimpse at Raids! There's a whole host of things to look forward to in December.
Premier Club - Buy Now
November 28, 2016
30% off 12 months’ membership - all the Old School you can handle at an unbeatable price.
Quality of Life & Bugfixes
November 24, 2016
This week brings a number of quality of life changes from the recent content poll as well as a plethora of bugfixes!
Premier Club Pricing | 30% Off 12 Months
November 22, 2016
An early look at the discounted price for this year’s Premier Club.
Deadman Winter Invitational Tickets!
November 21, 2016
Get your tickets to join us live for the Deadman Winter Invitational!
Great Kourend Rework
November 17, 2016
Come and see Great Kourend as you've never seen it before!
Deadman Invitational - December 17th
November 11, 2016
Join us on December 17th as we watch the top 2,000 Deadman players battle it out for $10,000!
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