POH Portals, DHCB Recolour and Planned Changes
November 15, 2018
This week brings added portals to Player Owned Houses and a recolour for the Dragon hunter crossbow. We also outline some planned balancing around Bird houses.
Player Workshops
November 14, 2018
Take part in one of our player workshops!
The Portal Nexus
November 8, 2018
This week sees the release of the Portal Nexus room for Player Owned Houses and the release of Tournament Worlds for the upcoming All Stars: PvP Championship.
Poll Blog: Bounty Hunter and PvP Changes
November 2, 2018
In preparation for the Bounty Hunter rework, we're looking to make some popular requested balancing changes to PvP, with a focus on Bounty Hunter in particular.
Global Launch of Old School Mobile!
October 30, 2018
Winter 2017 is finally here! We're incredibly proud to announce the arrival of Old School RuneScape to the App Store and Play Store!
Halloween 2018 Event and Tutorial Island Improvements
October 25, 2018
This week sees the release of this year's Halloween event! We are also getting ready for the biggest launch Old School has seen to date - full launch of mobile!
Mobile Changes, Various Bugfixes and new Merch!
October 18, 2018
This week sees the release of many Old School RuneScape Mobile changes, alongside your usual round of bugfixes. We also announce some new merch!
Spellbook Rework, Wise Old Man and, Increased Zoom
October 11, 2018
This week sees the release of the Spellbook Rework for mobile, the highly requested Wise Old Man update and Increased Zoom distance.
RuneFest: Regarding Recent Events
October 10, 2018
An update on behaviour that took place after RuneFest.
Poll Blog: The Kebos Lowlands
October 10, 2018
The purpose of this blog is to detail as much as possible regarding Kebos Lowlands prior to the poll going live in-game to allow for player feedback.
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