QoL and Treasure Trails Feedback Changes
April 18, 2019
This week sees the release of some of the QOL changes from Old School Content Poll #66 and feedback changes after last weeks Treasure Trail expansion.
Warding Design Blog
April 16, 2019
Last year at RuneFest, Mod West revealed his design for Warding. In this blog you can find an extended design plan for Warding including some changes following
Treasure Trails Expansion and Easter 2019
April 11, 2019
This week sees the release of the 2019 Treasure Trail expansion and the Easter 2019 holiday event!
Hiding Poll Results
April 10, 2019
In this blog we talk about our intentions for polling, and specifically the hiding of poll results.
Poll Blog: Revisiting Older Content
April 10, 2019
Check out the latest poll blog and give feedback on the changes to be included in Old School's first poll with hidden results!
Deadman: Spring Finals re-run & Summer Finals
April 5, 2019
Following the Deadman Spring Finals, we published an overview of the issues the event faced. We're now able to share what we'll be doing to make things right.
Treasure Trails Expansion: Progress Update
April 4, 2019
This week brings a progress update on the Treasure Trails expansion alongside some small changes and bug fixes.
Deadman Spring Finals - In Retrospect
April 1, 2019
Since the Deadman Finals on Saturday evening we've been investigating what caused the issues we faced during the tournament.
Deadman Summer Season
March 30, 2019
The Summer Season is officially live! In this newspost we'll tell you about changes that were made for the Summer Season.
The Seed Vault
March 28, 2019
This week sees the release of the highly anticipated Seed Vault in the Farming Guild!
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