OSRS Mobile: iOS Test Sign Up
August 17, 2018
On Thursday 30th August we'll be launching the final iOS beta. It's invite-only. Sign-ups are now open, until Monday 20th August. Sign-up now!
Duel Arena Changes and iOS Beta News
August 16, 2018
This week sees the release of changes to the Duel Arena to combat rule-breaking, exciting news about the iOS beta and some mobile changes.
Deadman Autumn Finals and Winter Season
August 16, 2018
The Autumn Finals begin on Saturday 8th September & the Winter Season begins Saturday 15th September. We unveil the addition of the Ancient Warriors' equipment!
Dev Blog: Making Friends with My Arm
August 10, 2018
As our next large project we'd like to offer Making Friends with My Arm. Learn about this Master quest and the proposed rewards.
Looting Bag Improvements, PID Changes and Bounty Hunter Targets
August 9, 2018
This week sees the release of the first changes from the recent PvP Changes and Upcoming Poll Blog.
Old School Mobile Android Soft Launch: Canada
August 6, 2018
In preparation for the full release of Old School Mobile, later this afternoon we'll be allowing all Canadian users access to the Android app!
Dev Blog: Making Friends with My Arm
August 3, 2018
Last week we revealed that we would like to offer Making Friends with My Arm. Learn about this Experienced quest and the proposed rewards.
Tournament World, Mobile Enhancements and Theatre of Blood Tweaks
August 2, 2018
Jump into the Tournament world and test your PvP skills with whatever stats you like and a plethora of gear setups to choose from!
Revenant Cave Rewards and Troll Quest Announcement
July 26, 2018
Today's game update sees the arrival of four new unique Revenant drops. Twitch Prime is live later today. How about Making Friends with My Arm?
Twitch Prime live!
July 26, 2018
Between Thursday 26th July - Thursday 6th September members of Twitch Prime can claim one free month of membership and get access to a new skin colour!
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