Bounty Hunter
September 18, 2014
It is finally here, the update that has had you all waiting with baited breath... Bounty Hunter!
Server Maintenance
September 18, 2014
Some Old School servers will be experiencing down time for server maintenance.
Character Name Clean-Up Final Release
September 18, 2014
Our final batch of character names is being released!
Bounty Hunter is Coming!
September 17, 2014
Tomorrow is the launch of Bounty Hunter for Old School and we are going to be giving you a sneak-peek at what is in store.
Revised Dev Blog: Content Poll #25 (Corporeal Beast & Iron Man Mode)
September 15, 2014
After the feedback on the last content poll #25 developer blog we have made a few big changes to the plan for Corporeal Beast and iron man mode.
Dev Blog: Content Poll #25 (Corporeal Beast & Iron Man Mode)
September 12, 2014
Content poll #25 is going to be a big one for Old School with some very highly anticipated pieces of content being polled. Come and see what we have in store!
Optional Randoms & Goblins
September 11, 2014
This week we make some long awaited changes to random events and see week two of the goblin invasion kick off... It is RPG time.
A letter from Mod MMG
September 11, 2014
Mod MMG talks to the RuneScape Community.
Character Name Clean-Up The Fifth Batch
September 10, 2014
The fifth batch of character names is being released!
Developer Blog: Corporeal Beast Drops
September 9, 2014
We will soon be polling Corporeal Beast and his drops, come and have a look at what is in store for Corp's drop table!
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