Dev Blog: Priority Poll 3
August 29, 2014
We need to know what you want from Old School. Come and see what will be on the up-coming priority poll.
Clan Cup Statues
August 28, 2014
The Clan Cup is now over and the winners have been decided, to celebrate their victories we have placed some fancy statues on the Clan Wars grounds.
Character Name Clean-Up – The Third Batch
August 27, 2014
At 4pm BST on the 28th August we’ll be releasing our third - and largest - batch of character names! This time you’ll be able to your paws on a name from I-M.
Clan Cup - The Conclusion
August 26, 2014
This year's Clan Cup has reached it's conclusion and the winners have been decided. Congratulations to all the winning clans!
Developer Blog: Content Poll #24
August 26, 2014
Random events have been around and about pestering players for years, perhaps it is time for a change?
Developer Blog: Bounty Hunter Rewards
August 22, 2014
Bounty Hunter is on the horizon and we want to make sure it is everything the players want it to be. Let us know what you want to see coming from Bounty Hunter.
In-Game Polls & Pet Insurance
August 21, 2014
This week's update sees the release of in-game polls as well as many more highly anticipated updates from content poll #23.
Temporary Changes to Death Mechanics
August 20, 2014
We've made a few temporary changes to death mechanics.
F2P Trial Reminder
August 19, 2014
Players who have not been a member for 90 days still have until the 28th of August to grab their Old School F2P trial.
Recent Network Issues
August 19, 2014
As you may be aware, we're currently experiencing service disruption across both game and web services...
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