Competitive Tournament
May 29, 2015
On the 24th of July we will be hosting the first ever RuneScape Competitive Tournament.
Farming & World Switcher Tweaks
May 28, 2015
This week in Old School we've got a bunch of farming tweaks as well as a few changes to the recently released world switcher. Let's get into the details.
Temporary Death Mechanic Changes
May 22, 2015
We have made some temporary changes to how death works.
World Switcher & RotG (i)
May 21, 2015
This week in Old School we've got the World Switcher, imbued Ring of the Gods & much more!
How are things in Old School?
May 20, 2015
Find out about the big issues facing the community.
Dev Blog: Slayer Expansion
May 15, 2015
With all new bosses, assignments and rewards, Slayer is expanding! Come and read what we've got planned!
System Update & Poll 33
May 14, 2015
This week's update has arrived and Poll #33 is now open!
Dev Blog: Content Poll #33
May 8, 2015
A world switcher, duel arena upgrades, clue scroll changes and lots, lots more! Come and have a read of what we have planned for content poll #33.
Slayer Partners & Teleports
May 7, 2015
This week in Old School we've got several new, and some returning, animations for achievement diary teleports as well as the slayer partner system!
May - The Month Ahead
May 1, 2015
May is here and we've got some interesting stuff planned. Big Mo will be making his way around the map, shared slayer, developer blogs & more!
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